< Salon Du Chocolat Paris 2018 >
■Period : Wednesday, October 31st – Sunday, November 4th
*Pre-opening event: Tuesday, October 30th
■Venue: Paris expo Porte de Versailles

Patissier es koyama (Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, Owner/Patissier Susumu Koyama) will attend Salon Du Chocolat Paris, the world’s largest chocolate event, which will be held in Paris from Wednesday, October 31st, 2018. It will present and sell the latest chocolate, SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2018, and over 10 new chocolate works, bringing them to the world faster than any other offering.

The theme of SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2018 is “What a Wonderful World”. This contains the following passionate message from Koyama: “There are more wonderful things in this world than people think. Look at everything in the world, from the familiar to every unfamiliar corner, with new eyes and no preconceptions!”

The year 2018 marks the 24th year of Salon Du Chocolat Paris. This year’s theme is “Nature offers something to suit all tastes!” The event will attract 230 exhibitors from around the world. They will hold events and presentations on various themes such as health, education and tradition, which are based on, and derived from, the main keyword “nature”.

As he does every year, Koyama will give a demonstration (PASTRY SHOW) and a seminar (CHOCOSPHERE) in the event space of the venue (Both will be held on November 1st. *See a separate notification for details). Also, in keeping with the theme “What a Wonderful World”, on the wall of the es koyama stand (B49), pictures by the artist Satoru Kuboyama, and a new, unique design featuring photographs taken by Naoto Ishimaru, who manages the visual representations of es koyama chocolate, will be displayed. The Bonbon Chocolat filling the showcase in front of the wall will comprise 26 varieties, including the 10 new types, featuring SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2018.

Photo exhibition by es koyama’s photographer, Naoto Ishimaru, and other events
Naoto Ishimaru is a Japanese photographer who is responsible for all the photographs of es koyama and Susumu Koyama.
Following on from last year, he will hold a photo exhibition at Salon du Chocolat Paris which features a large number of grand chefs. Enjoy the images, which are more powerful than the ones exhibited last year.
Also, a gourmet event will be held in the Espace Japon area to coincide with Japonismes 2018, the 160th anniversary of Japanese and French relations. A range of other events and contests are planned, including the opening of a new space called Patisserie Art.

This year’s theme:What a Wonderful World – Capturing the Transience of a Finite Life –

For example, if you turn over a stone, you will find a whole world that you would not normally see spreading before you. Or consider a strawberry. The main part is the fruit, and we rarely look at the stem, or leaves at the root. Also, the aroma is transient, in that it can only be experienced in a moment during the growth process. However, in the places where we do not look, there are truly wondrous and interesting things in the world, which we do not notice. This realization leads us into a world which is wider and deeper than we previously thought, and we feel the sentiment behind “What a Wonderful World”.
If we use our five senses, we can discover a whole range of interesting things deep within that which we usually see. I encountered the aroma of cassis buds on a farm in the Burgundy region of France. This aroma overflows with growth energy and is one that I had never encountered before. I captured my impression in chocolate.
I aim to bring this wonderful world, which is all around us, to people around the globe through sweets. Susumu Koyama

SUSUMUKOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2018 What a Wonderful World – Capturing the Transience of a Finite Life –

Available from Thursday, November 1st, 2018
1 box (4 chocolates) 1,728 yen

Pastry Show Demonstration

-The 4th chocolate. The potential of ruby chocolate –
Time and date: 11:00am – 11:45am Thursday, November 1st
Details: Ruby chocolate is called the 4th cacao type. Koyama will give a demonstration of baked sweets using ruby chocolate, and show its potential.

Chocosphere Seminar

-Expressing taste through sound- Music which enhances the taste of the four types of Koyama’s new work SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2018.
Time and date: 5:00pm – 5:45pm Thursday, November 1st
Details: While sampling the four types of chocolate in order, participants will listen to music inspired by these four chocolates, and enjoy a magical experience through taste and sound.

【 Susumu Koyama’s Profile 】

Susumu Koyama was born in Kyoto in 1964. He opened Patissier es koyama in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture in 2003. He continues to develop a professional taste based on the idea of normal flavors with a sense of high quality. In recent years, he has attracted attention throughout the world in the field of chocolate. At the annual contest held by C.C.C., France’s most authoritative chocolate lovers group, he has won the top prize for eight consecutive years, since his first entry in 2011. He won the highest award for foreign chocolatiers in 2011, 2012, and 2014. In December 2013, he established Miraiseisakusho, a patisserie for children 12 years old or under, in the grounds of his establishment, as a way to raise expressive individuals of the future. He proactively holds lectures for educators and children from within and outside Hyogo Prefecture. In November 2017, he opened Yumesaki Annai Kaisha FANTASY DIRECTOR, a decoration cake shop at his establishment.