Susumu Koyama, owner and chef of “Patissier es koyama” (Sanda city, Hyogo prefecture), announces a new selection of chocolates titled “SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2016,” which will be on show at the world’s largest chocolate exhibition, SALON DU CHOCOLAT 2016, to be held in Paris from Friday, October 28, to Monday, October 31...

Soy Sauce Nouveau

Pedro Ximénez is sherry made strictly from dried grapes of the Pedro Ximénez variety, and is characterized by its deep, mature sweetness and velvety smooth palate. I matched this deep sweetness and profound grape flavor with a matured ingredient from Japan, the traditional seasoning shoyu (soy sauce). Boiling shoyu to reduce the alcohol content (nikiri) takes off the sharp edges and gives it a rounded flavor, and I believed that there could be new ways of using soy sauce, with the image in my mind of French-Japanese culinary fusion.

Phoenix Peach
Blossom Oolong
Tea & Mango

Phoenix Peach Blossom is single-origin oolong tea made with tea leaves from plants said to be a century old on Phoenix Mountain in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China. Over the long years of their lives, the plants put down a magnificent tangle of roots, drawing plentiful minerals from the soil that are said to affect the tea’s deep richness, the most important element of its flavor.

Coffee Cherry (Geisha)&

Geisha cherries are large fruits removed during the process of producing Geisha coffee beans, which are aged to a red-violet color and carefully sun-dried over a period of around two weeks. These marvelous ingredients feature a flesh with rich sweetness reminiscent of figs, a deep tartness recalling plums and berries, and a flower-like fragrance. I matched them with Peruvian Chanchamayo au lait 48%, which also has a floral nose and a tartness like dried plums.

Pickled Radish

Nara-zuke are a kind of Japanese pickled daikon radish, usually having a sharp tang, of which the mirin-zuke type originating in Kyoto has a smoother, more rounded flavor. To this wonderful food, arising from processes of fermentation and maturation, I applied the Japanese cutting-edge technique of “instantaneous high-temperature, high-pressure pressing,” in which ingredients are pressed for one to three seconds at temperatures of over 200 degrees Celsius, transforming them into flake form.

es koyama’s Specialite

Some of the works of pride so far has created.



Koyama has won the top prize in the C.C.C. contest, the most prestigious competition in France organized by a group of chocolate lovers, for six consecutive years since he participated in the event for the first time in 2011. He has also participated in the International Chocolate Awards since 2013, and won the largest number of awards in the world in 2016. All 39 products he submitted for the contest in 2017 won prizes at the Asia-Pacific elimination round of the competition. He will also submit all of these for a world competition to be held in London in October. He has been expanding his activities on a global scale as a world-renowned chocolatier.

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The name Rozilla is a combination of rojiura ( back alley ) and Godzilla.

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is a new facility for "only" children, constructed in the site of pâtissier es koyama.

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