Susumu Koyama, owner and chef of “Patissier es koyama” (Sanda city, Hyogo prefecture), announces a new selection of chocolates titled “SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2015,” which will be on show at the world’s largest chocolate exhibition, SALON DU CHOCOLAT 2015, to be held in Paris from Wednesday, October 28, to Sunday, November 1...

Cocoa Fruit

A ganache mix of cocoa pulp and Arhuaco 72% represents the fresh sweet-and-sour sensation of the cocoa fruit and the bitterness of chocolate. While using the ganache nature of Arhuaco 72% on the lower layer realizes an impactful sourness, the strong aftertaste of cocoa yields a three-dimensional flavor.

Camomile & Double Berry

The upper layer is a flowery sweet-smelling ganache of camomile and Ecuadorian cocoa, while the lower layer offers a sour-tasting ganache of strawberries and groseille berries which readily spreads in the mouth, creating a sumptuously well-balanced chocolate.


Piedmont hazelnuts, homemade caramelized praline noissette, and flakes made from skin, flesh and seeds of “hyuganatsu” citrus fruit from Miyazaki, capture the sour, sweet and pleasant bitter taste of the hyuganatsu, with full-bodied sweetness of hazelnuts at the center.

Elderflower & Cassis

The upper layer is a ganache of elderflower, mixed with fresh cream and Peru Chanchamayo chocolate, while the lower layer is a cassis ganache with the accent of cassis serving to further elevate the element of elderflower.

es koyama’s Specialite

Some of the works of pride so far has created.



Born into a family of confectioners in Kyoto in 1964, he opened “Patissier es koyama” in Sanda city, Hyogo Prefecture in 2003. He holds various events to present his creations in Japan and around Asia, and also holds talks concerning the source of his inspiration, his basic ideology and above all, teaching children about taste. Each year, he visits the cocoa producing country of Ecuador, Madagascar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Columbia, on a mission to encounter new varieties of cocoa.
He has participated in SALON DU CHOCOLAT in Paris since 2011, and was awarded 5 Tablets of “Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat” (C.C.C.) and recognized as the “Best Foreign Chocolatier” in 2011 and 2012. In 2014, he also received the “Tablet d’or + ★” and “Best Foreign Chocolatier” award, being lauded as an “alchemist of taste.”
At the Milan Expo in July 2015, he gave a talk to a large audience of international media, chefs and members of the public.

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