es koyama’s Specialite

Experience Another Side of Koyama Susumu at esLiving hanare

This space is defined by its red chairs, white bricks, and simple art. The impressive texture of the desserts can be expressed all the more strongly in this cafe setting. Here, I have assembled all of the things that I truly love.

At hanare, I try to express the things that I am currently most interested in. For example, these might include desserts using Japanese ingredients or organic vegetable cuisine. The background music might suddenly change to hard rock, as hanare provides me with a stage to express everything I feel on a daily basis. The Koyama Susumu you meet here isn't the pastry chef but the Kyoto-born and -raised hard-rock fan who loves to collect insects.

Enjoy sweets that are too delicate to take out and things that have been specially designed on the plate along with high-grade tea and coffee at our unique shop that is a mixture of a relaxed traiteur and boulangerie. Enjoy countless menu items that express who I am at the moment as you are treated to the greatest hospitality at hanare, my private villa.