es koyama’s Special Sweets

Some of the works of pride so far has created.

Patissier es Koyama
The Playful Spirit and the Surprise of the Sweet Trick

It’s rare to come across a taste that really fills you with awe when you put it in your mouth. With some of our standard sweets, including our roll cake, pudding, and baumkuchen, we’d like to provide our customers with this sort of jolt. It is our goal to set a new record for the greatest sweets ever made in the hearts of each of the people who eat here. This is what I aim for whenever I create sweets. It’s the kind of feeling that everybody has when they happen into a restaurant that eventually becomes a special favorite.

In the same way that you might think, “I only want to eat a rice omelet at this shop,” I want to make sweets that fill our customers with the special joy of a fateful meeting. I want you to be able to eat them again and again without becoming tired of the experience, and to be filled with happiness each time you do. We see it as our mission to fill our customers’ hearts with this kind of pleasure through delicious sweets.

To ensure that all of our customers, from every children to every senior citizen, encounters that one special, life-changing treat, we imbue our work with a playful spirit and surprise of the sweet trick.