Susumu Koyama was born in Kyoto in 1964. He opened Patissier es koyama in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture in 2003. He continues to develop a professional taste based on the idea of normal flavors with a sense of high quality. In recent years, he has attracted attention throughout the world in the field of chocolate. At the annual contest held by C.C.C., France’s most authoritative chocolate lovers group, he has won the top prize for eight consecutive years, since his first entry in 2011. He won the highest award for foreign chocolatiers in 2011, 2012, and 2014. In December 2013, he established Miraiseisakusho, a patisserie for children 12 years old or under, in the grounds of his establishment, as a way to raise expressive individuals of the future. He proactively holds lectures for educators and children from within and outside Hyogo Prefecture. In November 2017, he opened Yumesaki Annai Kaisha FANTASY DIRECTOR, a decoration cake shop at his establishment.

The Emotional Art of Marzipan


This is the 2nd Marzipan book by Chef Koyama which contains explanations of the basic processes of Marzipan work, color schemes, a techniques for giving shape to your thoughts. It contains detailed pictures explaining every process. In addition, it contains instructions for shaping expression, so that you can bring your creations to life. Chef Koyama made new creations especially for this book.

The following is a comment from Chef Koyama;
“I believe that it is crucial for children to develop the ability to see things from three dimensions and not just two.
I will be pleased even if you only use of this book to play with clay with your children.”

The Lost Treasure of Arhuacos


The Lost Treasure is a picture book created by Chef Koyama and the popular entertainer and artist Akihiro Nishino. It is a story of love and adventure.
A long time ago in the land of Arhuacos, the secret treasure of white cacao was stolen, and Princess Copal was also taken. Jaime and his partner, Chocolatier Susumu created precious chocolates from the four treasures they received from the conjuror of Arhuacos to fight the eight witches.
They went to the witches’ lair, set the Princess free and returned the lost treasure of Arhuacos.
A timeless story of adventure delving into the mysteries of cacao.

In regards to this book Chef Koyama said,
“I feel that it is my mission to take the cacao that the growers have produced with dedicated passion and care, and transform it into exciting and delicious creations to share with the world. This story conveys those feelings.”

Best-Selling Book of Simple But Unbeatable Sweets

The Sweet Trick


This is the book that started it all as lovers of sweets everywhere scrambled to get their hands on patented Koyama recipes for Pâtissier es Koyama mainstays such as the Koyama roll and Koyama pudding. Structured around easy-to-understand yet detailed explanations of “tricks” to master the seemingly magical art of pastry-making, you’ll quickly see why this book is still a best-seller and Koyama Susumu is a chef extraordinaire.

Tales of Marzipan

marzipan 20 stories


You’ll be enchanted by these 20 stories featuring the adventures of that heart-warming character, marzipan. Teeming with everything from the basics to Koyama Susumu’s one-of-a-kind approach to almond-based confections, you’ll find yourself returning to this picture-book-like volume again and again.

Pastry the Koyama Way
30 Collaborations with Sweet Ingredients

“The Sweet Trick” Collabo Mind


At long last, the arrival of _The Sweet Trick_, the second volume of pastry pleasures for advanced cooks. Designed for those who already have the basics under their belts, in this recipe-packed edition, Chef Koyama leads the way into a wonderful world of ingredients and helps you conquer long-time favorites like entremet and gateau. Even seasoned chefs can benefit, as Koyama unlocks the mystery of collaborations that is so essential to the sweet taste of success.

Beginner’s Guide to Pastry Cooking
(Includes Demonstration DVD Featuring Koyama Susumu)

Beginner’s Trick


Witness the finely honed skills of a true professional in this demonstration DVD featuring Koyama Susumu. As the master chef offers easy-to-understand explanations of the logic behind each method, you’re sure to master the basics of pastry-making in no time. Life couldn’t be sweeter with this essential guide for beginners.

Pâtissier Koyama Susumu Presents 43 Recipes for Almond Pastries

Almond Bible


Discover the infinite pleasures of almonds in this single volume of recipes. Divided into six categories which pair the popular nut with compatible ingredients, the book covers a wide range of techniques and approaches. Almond lovers will thrill to the well-rounded selection of 43 recipes and find themselves consulting the short dictionary at the back of the book to learn more about the special characteristics and uses of this delicious nut.

Chef Koyama presents his first guide to the science and art of chocolate.

Chocolat Japonais


Chef Susumu Koyama first exhibited in the Salon du Chocolat in Paris in 2011, and went home with the Most Outstanding Foreign Chocolatier award. He also became the first non-French chocolatier to earn supreme honors from the C.C.C. (Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat), the authoritative French chocolate society that votes to determine the best 150 chocolatiers from both France and elsewhere. Chef Koyama is highly acclaimed for exquisite creations fashioned with a masterful grasp of the properties of cacao and couverture chocolate, including bonbons that boldly incorporate Japanese ingredients such as sake lees, Daitokuji natto fermented soybeans, and shoyu soy sauce. Now, Chef Koyama is proud to present this volume outlining the philosophy he puts into every single morsel of chocolate, and an extensive collection of original recipes. It also contains detailed explanations of key chocolate-making processes such as emulsification, the basic principles and practice of making ganache, and shaping techniques. The preface chronicles Chef Koyama’s trip to the cacao-producing country of Madagascar, where he traced the journey that cacao, actually a fruit, completes on the way to becoming chocolate.