Patissier es koyama (Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, Owner/Patissier Susumu Koyama) will attend Salon Du Chocolat Paris, the world’s largest chocolate event, which will be held in Paris from Wednesday, October 31st, 2018. It will present and sell the latest chocolate, SUSUMU KOYAMA’S CHOCOLOGY 2018, and over 10 new chocolate works, bringing them to the world faster than any other offering.

Aroma of Wild
(Flower & Leaf)

The sweetness of the chrysanthemum flower, which has a passionfruit- and apricot-like aroma, and the bitterness and sweetness of the leaves spread in a three-dimensional manner. The flower and leaf are combined with chocolat au lait, made from the brilliant and fruity tasting cacao of Chanchamayo, Peru, and divided into two layers. The flower grows wild on a mountain in Taiwan with an altitude of over 1,100m. It is picked three days after blooming, in the moment when the color and aroma are at their best.


A combination of Wakayama Prefecture’s Aka-Jiso, which has a refreshing and expansive aroma, and our own make of praline, created from hazelnut with a well-rounded aroma and taste, and produced in Piedmont. A powerful deep taste emerges from the calming Aka-Jiso, which gives the rich praline a flower-like aroma, and produces an elegant finish. The refined Japanese taste, created by the flavor of Aka-Jiso, leads on to the third chocolate.

Cassis Bud –with
a hint of Romanee
Conti Fine de Bourgogne–

The aroma of cassis buds is enhanced by two kinds of Peruvian cacao, and they are combined in the bottom layer in a cassis ganache. The bottom consists of chocolat noir, made from cacao produced in Madagascar and Piura, Peru, which enhances the berry flavor...

Oaxaca-Duet of aroma
and invigoration-

The main characteristic of Mexican Chile pasilla de Oaxaca is its smoky flavor. This is combined with cacao from Peru to create a ripe, fruity sweetness followed by a pleasant, invigorating sharpness. If one returns to the first chocolate after finishing this offering, scenes will appear in the mind, like the sudden opening of a chrysanthemum flower spreading from the heart of invigoration, and invite one into a Wonderful World.

es koyama’s Specialite

Some of the works of pride so far has created.



Susumu Koyama was born in Kyoto in 1964. He opened Patissier es koyama in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture in 2003. He continues to develop a professional taste based on the idea of normal flavors with a sense of high quality. In recent years, he has attracted attention throughout the world in the field of chocolate. At the annual contest held by C.C.C., France’s most authoritative chocolate lovers group, he has won the top prize for eight consecutive years, since his first entry in 2011. He won the highest award for foreign chocolatiers in 2011, 2012, and 2014. In December 2013, he established Miraiseisakusho, a patisserie for children 12 years old or under, in the grounds of his establishment, as a way to raise expressive individuals of the future. He proactively holds lectures for educators and children from within and outside Hyogo Prefecture. In November 2017, he opened Yumesaki Annai Kaisha FANTASY DIRECTOR, a decoration cake shop at his establishment.

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