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A Big Tree Full of Memories ~Koyama-Style Baumkuchen~

A Big Tree Full of Memories
~Koyama-Style Baumkuchen~

As a child, every summer Chef Koyama would visit his grandmother's house in a mountain village in Hyogo Prefecture. And his happy memories of playing in that natural environment and looking for stag beetles in the forest still live on in his heart. Rather faithfully reproducing a traditional German recipe, this baumkuchen, which, as its name suggests, is a faithful recreation of one of these childhood memories, is defined by a touch of the trademark Koyama ingenuity. Made with free-range chicken eggs from the Harima Plain, also located in the mountains of Hyogo, the cake is hand-baked one layer at a time in a special atelier. A few days after it has been baked, the fluffy texture of the dough settles and the flavor soars, making this an excellent gift in any season. The thick package, into which seems to have been woven the story of Koyama's life from child- to adulthood, is another bold innovation that has received much attention.